Is Quran the true word of God? Is there a God? Can it be proven scientifically? “These were the questions that came to my mind on this journey of exploration, study and an effort to let go of faith and truley believe or disbelieve.- Sheraz” Muslims believe in monotheism and believe in One God who is the Sovereign Creator of all things. They believe that all the systems and processes […]

In the myst of life, I stand stranded, like a runner tired after a marathon. My race has been running afterlife and in an effort to perform and compete I forgot your thoughts just for a day. Now it feels like nothing matters but to stop running and connect back with You. In that moment the essence of Your love comes in my heart again and suddenly this world and […]

These tears touching my chest and curled lips trembling I gaze at Your sky like a child try to see his father’s face  With hope and fear I long for You waiting for that Gaze again From the friendship of Your ground on which my face sits I kiss it as if I kiss Your feet and I long as I feel not worthy for anything but still… I long […]

Step out of your own self and keep your distance from it. Practice detachment from your possessiveness, and surrender everything to Allah. Become His doorman at the door of your heart, obeying His command by admitting those He instructs you to admit, and respecting His prohibition by shutting out those He instructs you to turn away, so that you do not let passion back into your heart once it has […]

This is one of the best translation of Rumi’s Masnavi. The book is written in a very unique style where you start with reading a short story and lead you to short poetry session. The writing style compels you to be mesmerised by Rumi’s poetry and touches your soul in different styles. Rumi is one of the forefathers of continuing and carrying true Islamic teachings. The teachings that start not […]