Translated in English

Reading million books you have attained to become highest in knowledge

But you never have tried to read yourself

We run and run to temples and mosques

But never tried to entre own hearts

We try to fight the Satan everyday for nothing

But we have never fought our heart’s inner desires

Bulle Shah you try to capture what is in the sky

But the one who sits inside the heart you never grabbed him

Sayin God’s name thy have grown old all the pundits and priests and mullas

But we never found God’s essence though we died putting heads on ground

Though God lives in your hearts there are indications clear in Quran

Bulle Shah the one who finds God is the one who gives his everything for his beloved

You give everything over your Love if you want to win the war of Love

Stand in the name of your Love your Lord that they say you stand in the stature of Love

That if the true love asks you to wear anklets of dancers and dance you even wear them as well

No matter the whole earth turn against you Bulle Shah we have to keep our Love happy

I went to the department of Ishq (true Love) and it robbed me of my astuteness that I used to pride

I had went there to get praise from my Love and  Ishq also robbed my access to others

Ishq robs the hearts of walis and prophets and saints  and it has also robbed many kings

What has ishq  robbed you of Bulle Shah? This Ishq has robbed God of His Blessed reign that he created all in His Love for Prophet Muhammad

You pray five times so that people can call you namazi (religious person)

You have come back succesful after fighting wars so that people can call you victorious

You have become high in capturing seats of respect in offices so that people can call you high names

Bulle Shah you have not attained anything if you have not been able to make your Love yours

If I try to find you outside then who is beating inside me

If I try to find you inside then what is it that is outside of me

You my Love dear God is everything and in everything and I know you are the most beautiful and pure

I am you as well and you are you there is no Bulla there is no one but You…..I am nothing its only You

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