A child as I wait for You my lord

These tears touching my chest and curled lips trembling

I gaze at Your sky like a child try to see his father’s face 

With hope and fear I long for You waiting for that Gaze again

From the friendship of Your ground on which my face sits

I kiss it as if I kiss Your feet and I long as I feel not worthy for anything but still…

I long and long more as being an eternal slave I have no where to go

I just can sit at Your steps and wait I have no pride in my being but just You

These tears have no end today and this heart bleeds in Your longing

Let it be the day just for a moments I am free on this cage

This cage that holds my soul and though its a reflection of Your might

But this love don’t want to have any obstacles today for its destiny is to merge back in You

O my dear God it is again those moments when this life becomes a forlorn tale without You

Once again my festivities have came to an end and the colours fade 

I can’t keep myself busy anymore to forget the pain of being away from You

I give up and give up again with every breath which is stuck in my throat

I long and long for You as nothing exists anymore around me

This body is split in million peaces and each pore longs for You

This ishq I wish one day will lead me to see Your beautiful face 

This Ishq I wish will one day will lead me to merge in You

To end my existence with a smile that I have came back 

That one day You will come and pick me up and I wait for You

This dog with all its broken acts n pride sits and wait to die at Your feet…

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