A letter to my Love

In the myst of life, I stand stranded, like a runner tired after a marathon. My race has been running afterlife and in an effort to perform and compete I forgot your thoughts just for a day. Now it feels like nothing matters but to stop running and connect back with You. In that moment the essence of Your love comes in my heart again and suddenly this world and everyone in it and everything seems not enough to share it all. When they see the glimpse of the reflection of Your Love they keep running and I see Your reflection in them. In this trans of unconditional love, my soul feels free from the cage of this world body. The moment I am shredded in million pieces I lose the sense of my existence or to even think who am I or where I am. It is strange that in these moments of scarcity and sacredness that I wish to hold forever I feel handicapped to even think of my existence.

They try to find the reason of life and ask who am I questions in the air. And here I am foolishly extracting myself out of the equation of this love that I feel thumping in every beat of passing time. In this moment of nothingness, I get the answers that dont matter anymore. Nothing matters as You are near and nothing exist as Your existence is encompassing me. If I try to see myself I see You and if I see others around I see You. I know they might say this is mad love and I say love was never meant to be sane as one has to go beyond the boundaries of the brain to listen to the beats of one’s heart.

They say you cant see or prove He is there and I say if the sun is on one hand and moon on the other it would be lesser of a proof of their existence over His presence all around. Now I have understood my circle of life which brings me to the same point over and over again, now I see what else can moth do but to die in the flame that burns its body but satisfy its love.

O my beloved friend if you never shed tears in love and never felt your breaths unable to resound in rhythm normal you haven’t lived life yet. I pray that the waves of your ocean be introduced with a storm of love. A storm so strong that it shifts the shore of your heart to open up and let the light of true love enter. The waves that strong that they wash away the dust of lust for this world. The lightning of passion to strong that its shine reflects through your like a clear glass of wine which is waiting for the first drop to touch its depths.

Now, what should I call you my Love, as now I am left with nothing nor am I in existence nor would like to as you are in me and I become a mere reflection parishing my own presence? I don’t know what to call you my beloved, my God or my lover…all I know in your presence I don’t exist. A leaf floating in the waves of your stream of love, now it’s up to you to drown me or fly me out of this swirling current of passion, for me my soul at ease as I have a connection¬†with my destiny oh my dear love.

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