Aroma of Islam

The true exploration of God true religion. Many have lost the full understanding of unseen and have started to follow what they see others do. It is the right time to make a valid effort to ensure that our sacred teachings and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that is based on Love and Brotherhood with all humans is never over looked. The religion Islam starts from the word ISLAM meaning PEACE and Muslim means the one who submit their will to God.

The essence of a true religion is Love without that pure Love one can follow the teachings but still remain alien to the Creator our true destiny and our Love God Almighty. He created this universe in His essence of Love for mankind and specially His most beloved Prophets especially Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who’s name was written on the throne of God even before the creation of anything even time itself.

A Creator in pure Love with His creation before its creation is the whole story. This life is a test to actually see if amongst those created who are worthy of His eternal Love and Blessings. Lets try to understand what that Love is in the light of the ones who dedicated their lives in this path and even most gave their lives this most sacred path of Love. May Allah make us be amongst them on the day of judgement and may we as the slaves of the dust particles of these blessed ones be cherish-able enough to regain our true home the jannah. Amen!

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