Is Quran the true word of God? Is there a God? Can it be proven scientifically? “These were the questions that came to my mind on this journey of exploration, study and an effort to let go of faith and truley believe or disbelieve.- Sheraz” Muslims believe in monotheism and believe in One God who is the Sovereign Creator of all things. They believe that all the systems and processes […]

In the myst of life, I stand stranded, like a runner tired after a marathon. My race has been running afterlife and in an effort to perform and compete I forgot your thoughts just for a day. Now it feels like nothing matters but to stop running and connect back with You. In that moment the essence of Your love comes in my heart again and suddenly this world and […]

I am sharing some of amazing concepts of our beloved prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and other great prophets written and explained further beautifully and very intelligently by Imam Jaf’far al-Sadiq. I hope you will get time to read it. On Knowledge The Holy Prophet said, ‘Whoever knows his own self knows his Lord; moreover, you should acquire that knowledge without which no action is correct, and that is sincerity … We seek […]