Is Quran the true word of God? Is there a God? Can it be proven scientifically? “These were the questions that came to my mind on this journey of exploration, study and an effort to let go of faith and truley believe or disbelieve.- Sheraz” Muslims believe in monotheism and believe in One God who is the Sovereign Creator of all things. They believe that all the systems and processes […]

In the rhythms of Your Love swirling around me I have lost myself and then found You In the misery of my selfishness I had forgotten the ecstasy of Your connection In the pain of my soul always searching for You Once again it brings me to your door steps of peace Like a dog waiting for his master I beg and strive to glimpse at Your beauty In the […]

The true exploration of God true religion. Many have lost the full understanding of unseen and have started to follow what they see others do. It is the right time to make a valid effort to ensure that our sacred teachings and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that is based on Love and Brotherhood with all humans is never over looked. The religion Islam starts from the […]