In Your Rhythms of Love

In the rhythms of Your Love swirling around me
I have lost myself and then found You

In the misery of my selfishness
I had forgotten the ecstasy of Your connection

In the pain of my soul always searching for You
Once again it brings me to your door steps of peace

Like a dog waiting for his master
I beg and strive to glimpse at Your beauty

In the waves of this short test we call life
my only chance to sing and swirl in Your hidden presence

I know when I see You if I ever will I wont be able to stop
As I know I have come from You and one day I merge back

The aroma of Your connection trembles this cage
Like a confined prisoner the soul shivers to be free

To be with You once moreā€¦

Sheraz AlviinYourrhythms

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