Sufism is about taking the recitation of the Quran with the tongue and turning it into a recitation with the heart. It’s about adhering to the Sharia not because of an ulterior motive of obtaining Paradise or avoiding Hell, but because God is deserving of it. It’s the ultimate realization of the love of God and fearing not His punishment, but His not accepting our always deficient prayer and fasting. […]

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. Rumi

In the rhythms of Your Love swirling around me I have lost myself and then found You In the misery of my selfishness I had forgotten the ecstasy of Your connection In the pain of my soul always searching for You Once again it brings me to your door steps of peace Like a dog waiting for his master I beg and strive to glimpse at Your beauty In the […]

A collection of Rumi’s eternal poetry in love towards God, the real essence of Islam and its message i.e. LOVE

Yet the pain comes back with my Love far away smiling and I burn like a candle with its wax dripping on the ground. My flame is my soul and its light will never end but the wax is my body dripping through the tides of time ending too soon. I fear this life is too short for me to even properly love Him. My burning soul is melting this […]

The true exploration of God true religion. Many have lost the full understanding of unseen and have started to follow what they see others do. It is the right time to make a valid effort to ensure that our sacred teachings and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that is based on Love and Brotherhood with all humans is never over looked. The religion Islam starts from the […]

Translated in English Reading million books you have attained to become highest in knowledge But you never have tried to read yourself We run and run to temples and mosques But never tried to entre own hearts We try to fight the Satan everyday for nothing But we have never fought our heart’s inner desires Bulle Shah you try to capture what is in the sky But the one who sits […]

Whoever is sincere and humble before Allah in his innermost being will have good social interaction externally. Keep company with people for the sake of Allah and do not keep company merely for your own share of worldly affairs, for seeking rank, showing off, or for reputation. Do not cross the limits of the Law for the sake of eminence and fame: they will not profit you at all, and you […]

I am sharing some of amazing concepts of our beloved prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and other great prophets written and explained further beautifully and very intelligently by Imam Jaf’far al-Sadiq. I hope you will get time to read it. On Knowledge The Holy Prophet said, ‘Whoever knows his own self knows his Lord; moreover, you should acquire that knowledge without which no action is correct, and that is sincerity … We seek […]